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This is my first award.
Thank you Carol for this award!

The next two awards
I received 3-30-02
from Stationery Heaven.
Thank you so much
Tom and April for these

I received this next
award 4-7-02 from
Orchid Lady.
Thank you Linda
for this award!

I received this award on 4-10-02.
Thank you Mary for this award!

The next award I
received 5-02-02.
Thank you Serenity
for this award!

Also on 5-02-02 I
received this award!
Thank you so much Jadelane
for this lovely award!

On 05-30-02 I received
two new awards.
Thank you so much Katie
for these beautiful awards!

(6-10-02) It was an honor
to receive this award!

I received another new
award on 7-25-02
and I am thrilled!
Thank you Lady Creationz
for this beautiful award!